The Hunting TerritoryTMTransformational Change Program

Via one-on-one coaching and co-facilitation throughout the Hunting Territory process the leader of the change program becomes an integral facilitator and ultimate owner of the diagnostic, delivery and review process. Empowering the leader in such a way that ensures that all team members are committed and accountable for the outcomes.

Phase 1

Diagnosis, Action and Commitment


  • Objectives of the company/leadership team/department
  • Expectations of team members’ behaviour, commitment, ongoing individual and team improvement
  • Benchmarking current Direction, Alignment and Commitment
    • Hunting TerritoryTM language and frameworks
    • Org Chart analysis
    • Create the frameworks, behaviours and measures to create and maintain a high performance team
  • Conduct an Overlaps and gap analysis
  • Assessing Stage of Team-life
    • Participants complete diagnosis on their own team/teams stage of team life and identify leadership behaviours and solutions in each Stages of Team-life
  • Diagnosing the impact of informal networks and informal leaders;
  • Network analysis with the group: internal and external connections; their influence on team performance
  • Identification of barriers to cooperation
  • Determine specific actions in gaining cooperation within and outside of the team
  • Workshop summary, outcomes - discussion, reinforcement of the follow-up process capture commitments to action
  • Report and Recommendations with Team Leader
  • Indicative duration: 2 days

Phase 2

Generating Consensus based solutions to deal with conflict zones
  • Preparatory discussion with the leader of the team involved 
  • Identification of structural and communication problems impacting on the success of the team on both individual and organisational
  • Agreement on process
  • Meet with the people involved in the conflict  to confirm objectives and clarity of action moving forward
  • Review and follow up as necessary with team leader
  • Review and recommendations with the team leader
  • Indicative duration: 90min - 2 hours per session with the number of sessions to be determined

Phase 3

Plan the change process
  • Partner with the team leader/team in creating  the change agenda and plan
  • Design of Hunting TerritoryTM support for the change process
  • Report and recommendations 
  • Indicative duration: 1 day

Phase 4

Implement the change
  • Support the team leader and the team in implementation of the change process
  • Hunting TerritoryTM workshop as part of the implementation process
  • 1 on 1 support as required
  • Review and reflection key learnings, Individual, Team and organisation
  • Indicative duration: 90min - 2 hours per session with the number of sessions to be determined
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