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The Hunting TerritoryTM - method

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What team issue are you facing? In every team there comes the moment when true cooperation is the only way to success – or survival. The Hunting Territory Method creates this moment in advance. As a leader you will learn to predict, detect and resolve team issues.
The Hunting TerritoryTM method recognises the fact that we are territorial animals.

As a consequence we

  • need our personal space
  • protect our freedom in action and in decision-making
  • don’t want our neighbours to interfere because that may affect our interests
  • for the same reason, we often ignore what is happening in neighbouring territories
  • develop a tunnel vision
  • tend to undervalue, misread or completely ignore what other people are doing - people with whom we should collaborate
  • ignore them even when we would clearly benefit from such collaboration
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The Hunting TerritoryTM method has developed and continues to evolve from a unique background that is based upon extensive and successful work in
  • high performance sport teams (elite athlete/elite coach)

  • group and family therapy (systemic approach to human behaviour of social psychology)

  • corporate consulting

The method provides a unique :
  • perspective of team dynamics and the dangers of role overlaps and gaps

  • language and framework to allow team members to articulate and predict interpersonal conflict

  • insight into how to leverage gold medal success from the elite sport into the corporate world
Cases solved
Situation #1

Market leader telecommunications company faced erosion of market share in a certain segment. The CEO hired an experienced director to head the turnaround in this segment. He needed a fundamental team restructure to facilitate performance.

Achieved team restructure and improved performance

"As a direct result of the Hunting TerritoryTM initiative I am convinced that team engagement and the high degree of cooperation within the respective units played a pivotal role in making this turnaround happen." Director, Member of the Board, TIME (telecommunications, IT, media, entertainment) Industry, Central-Eastern Europe


The newly appointed director undertook the Hunting TerritoryTM Transformational Change Program with his team.

  • Margin and market share turnaround
  • 7% increase in revenue in projects commercialized by the team
Situation #2

The client had to implement a 30% headcount reduction over 18 months.

Effectively delivered a challenging headcount reduction

"The Hunting TerritoryTM simply became part of our lives and from time to time we continue to sit together for half a day to analyze and resolve potential conflict zones; discovering gaps and talking about overlaps. We always agree on very well defined ways to avoid potentially destructive conflicts. Department director of a multinational company, Central Europe


The Hunting TerritoryTM Transformational Change Program

  • Headcount reduction achieved with little friction
Situation #3

A global pharmaceutical giant acquired a niche player with a completely different culture. Soon after the acquisition our client was promoted as manager of a business critical R&D department in the newly acquired company in another country. Soon he was faced with a serious conflict with one of his key department leaders.

Resolved serious team conflict without firing or quitting.

"We were able to foresee the main challenges of my new role in a new culture and within a new matrix system. We were able to resolve a very delicate and sensitive issue and turn it into a success story. We were able to predict most of the conflicts and had developed actions to deal with these conflicts." Zoltán Finta, Head of R&D, Sanofi Zentiva, Prague


The Hunting TerritoryTM Transformational Change Program.

  • Conflict resolved without loss of highly skilled, senior personnel
  • Agreements and structure developed throughout the project is seen as “best practice” and is being rolled out to other departments
Situation #4

A new CEO inherited a team with a strong silo mentality that were stuck in their ways. It was time for change.

Restructured a leadership team with improved cross functional behaviours.

"Hunting TerritoryTM is a tremendously powerful tool – not always easy to work with as difficulties need to be confronted and not ignored – but if you are prepared to face up to these difficulties and know what it is you really want to achieve I can wholeheartedly recommend this to any organisation seeking real improvement." Mark Johnston, CEO Australia, Chr Hansen Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia


The Hunting TerritoryTM Transformational Change Program

  • The Hunting TerritoryTM was a key element in reshaping the Management team, breaking down the silo thinking and producing a far more effective working environment.
The Hunting TerritoryTM Team